hammerheadCourtThank you for viewing my website! I’m a concept designer and illustrator living in Austin, TX.

Drawing was my first love (aside from Captain Kirk and Indiana Jones). I love storytelling, research and getting a chance to delve deep into what makes a character or an entire world tick. I adore working character design, costume illustration, game concepts, storyboards, props, environments, cover illustrations and picture book interiors. I’m always up for a new challenge.

My Bachelor’s degree in fashion design, further professional studies in entertainment design and 3D at Gnomon, plus my experience in events, social media and office operations, all have given me the technical and artistic skills to visualize and develop my client’s projects and communicate effectively, as well as the organization and drive needed to be an excellent team player.

Oh, I also love paper dolls and mushroom hunting. No, not that kind. ^^