6 thoughts on “May is for mermaids

  1. These are so wonderful. Mermaids are scary to me, though they never used to be. I think I’ve read too much Seanan McGuire about mermaids. These look beautiful, alluring and I want to frame the third one.

    • Thanks so much!! The undersea always scares me a little bit! I love the ocean and lakes, but it really freaks me out to think about what’s underneath me when I’m swimming.

  2. These are beautiful. I especially love the third one. I am a bit afraid of mermaids now. I have read too much Seanan McGuire!

    • Thanks! Right?? I was always creeped out by the kelpies in her books because they’re they’re just slipped in suddenly and not really discussed further. I assume her goal was to freak us out a little by not giving us a lot to go on and it worked! I really love Diandra though.

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