work in progress: ball-jointed figure

The Japanese ball-jointed doll craze?

Kinda creepy.

The format itself?

Pretty neat.

Collecting dolls is not much of a hobby of mine, though I do enjoy higher-end models that employ great costume design.  Robert Tonner and Marina Bychkova definitely inspired me to take my work 3D.

This picture actually doesn’t quite do justice to what I have done so far, because the flash is really reflecting on the rougher surfaces more than what you’d see in reality. I have already been trying out some buffing tools ala Dremel, but the speed of ours is a bit much for the material. I’ve been considering a nail buffer might work to smooth out the cracks, though haven’t invested in that or a slower Dremel yet to really give the piece some polish.

Ball-jointed figure head detail

Ball-jointed figure head detail

This head, while hollow (thanks to aluminum foil), still needs to be drilled out in neck region for the ball to fit into. I’m currently using a oven bake polymer clay as practice, before moving to a much easier air dry clay, of which I can add on parts easily even after the piece is dried (such as the ball of each joint…much easier to align things that way). I’ll be interested to see if the air dry stuff dries harder, as well.

Here’s the torso relatively far along. It’s also hollow, made of oven bake polymer clay, and still needs leg and arm openings drilled in so that the aluminum foil armature can be removed.

Ball-jointed figure head and torso

Ball-jointed figure head and torso

Again, the photo really reflects on any not perfectly smooth surfaces, and I have yet to find a buffing tool I love (need a nail buffer perhaps or a slower Dremel), so it looks much nicer in person at this time. The photos are a tiny disappointing, but should only serve to inspire me to A. find a buffing tool, and B. use the camera more often.

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