work in progress: Rococo necklace

Next week I am going to be a bridesmaid for my dear sweet Sheil and Vic’s wedding.  The wedding is sort of a punky Rococo-themed amalgamation, and Rococo is one of my favorite design periods!

I found this necklace at Anthropologie and really liked it, but thought it would be a cool idea to create some ultimately removable pieces to fit it more into the style period.  I’m thinking I’ll leave it relatively asymmetric, and add in a few well-placed flowers on the other side.   The applique needs a little trimming before it’s done and I’d like to incorporate the rose quartz teardrops in better with a few more beads.  And yes, that flower is ponyskin.

Rococo-inspired necklace

Rococo-inspired necklace

Please click on the links to visit my Flickr page and see the images larger!  Though, I still felt it quite necessary to also take a detail shot of the applique so far.  I’d love to find a way to incorporate more roses and especially a bird into the piece!  But I don’t want it to get TOO large.  We’ll see…and of course I’ll post photos of the finished product!

Rococo-inspired necklace detail

Rococo-inspired necklace detail

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