LA alter egos


So, I created a drawing that inspired the start of a series of illustrations I’m dubbing my LA alter egos. There really is something amazing about the creative fashion in this city; it’s not just about the colors and the bare skin, but also how fashion isn’t ageist here. Sure, everyone’s judging everyone in the end, whatever, but I don’t feel old and weird here if I want to have my stomach out or wear short shorts. It’s nice. But, seeing as I don’t have any tattoos, I thought it would be fun to get all my fashion fantasies out.


Yes, I’ve always wanted that snake tattoo secretly, but I don’t really know about the permanence so for now I prefer to encourage my dude to get more tattoos.

Stay tuned for another blog post coming up, so I can post the looooooong version of my step-by-step on the second image, so expect progress shots and lots of helpful long-windedness. <3

fashion sketches and flats

My actual training is in fashion design work.  Designing is all well and good…every fashion designer dreams of having the freedom to creatively put together a line of clothing.  Unfortunately, EVERY fashion designer dreams of this.  So, naturally, opportunities of this degree are rather scarce.

It’s hard to find gigs even doing the drawing presentation, but that definitely is a fun part of the job, and not everyone who goes to school for FD has this type of skill.  Here are some examples.