Medusa book cover commission: Constance Burris


Long overdue post! I did this illustration late last year for a wonderful client, author Constance Burris, for her book Medusa, which you can check out here on Amazon: It was a super fun project and we had a great time working together.

You may remember this image from a couple years back! I should post it as a draw-this-again meme. Before I had photo-bashed a bunch of snakes into hair, and now I took the time to redraw all of them, which surprisingly was less tediously horrible than I thought it would be (all those scales ahhhhhh).

Best of luck to Constance with the book and with her work! <3



color studies

colorpainting_colorstudiesWhen it came down to it, I liked two value studies enough to continue on with both of them, even though I was sort of sure I was going to pick the one on the right.  These are super helpful, even when (like me in this situation) you have a fairly specific idea of what you want.  I’m going to work up the right bottom for the final painting.  Even though she’s less in focus than the studies on the left, there’s something that feels right about that.

So, the real version of this is being done on illustration board with acrylics. I’ve toned the board purple and have started painting a few elements, so updates when there is a little more to see. :D

Romanesque orgy socialite

I can just see this as a Roman fashion advertisement…”This summer the Egyptian looks is all the RAGE among the hippest orgy circuits…”

More coloring practice…heh, the title is ridiculous, sorry.

I drew this with a black ballpoint pen. It’s colored in Photoshop with some added textures…