Medusa book cover commission: Constance Burris


Long overdue post! I did this illustration late last year for a wonderful client, author Constance Burris, for her book Medusa, which you can check out here on Amazon: It was a super fun project and we had a great time working together.

You may remember this image from a couple years back! I should post it as a draw-this-again meme. Before I had photo-bashed a bunch of snakes into hair, and now I took the time to redraw all of them, which surprisingly was less tediously horrible than I thought it would be (all those scales ahhhhhh).

Best of luck to Constance with the book and with her work! <3



snow white and rose red

“Snow White and Rose Red, will you strike your lover dead?”

I swear when I was a kid I read a version where Rose Red did more in the end besides just marry the bear-Prince’s brother. I thought my sister and I read a version where she saved a prince from death, herself…but I probably made that up, huh? :)

All Photoshop.

Credit to this image for assistance in the lying down pose: (thanks!!!)

Dark Moon: new book out!

I just got copies of a recent children’s book collaboration with an author, and I’m pleased as punch!  The design turned out so nice, my images look vibrant, and my client is super excited.  What a happy ending.  Except, maybe not an ending since she’d like to work together on a sequel.

The book is currently available here on the publisher’s website, and I’ll post the Amazon link as soon as it’s up!

Here are some preview images:

Dark Moon1

Dark Moon2

Dark Moon3

Dark Moon 1

Dark Moon 12

It’s awesome that the author, Elizabeth Kass chose one of my favorite images from the series as the cover!  Let’s hope the book is a success!

*All book images copyrighted.

Pickett’s Trail! new book out!

Last year I was working on a set of 13 illustrations for a Western novel called Pickett’s Trail.  The author is named Jon Lantz, but sadly the book was published posthumously by his uncle, Ron Lantz, who is a delight to work with.  Ron and I are collaborating on some other projects as well.

The book is now available on his publisher’s website as well as

Here’s a peek at some of the illustrations:






All images © Jon R. Lantz.

Rapunzel sneak peek

I’ve been working on my own children’s book for about a year and a half, in between other book projects I’ve been doing for clients.  Rapunzel was one of my favorite fairy tales as a kid, augmented by the Peck Gandre Rapunzel paper doll I had then!  My reason for wanting to retell the tale, aside from my love of it, was that the original (as with most fairy tales) really smoothes over a bunch of complications!  My idea was to create something a little bit more epic…and I’m really hoping to finish it this year (since I’ve learned after beginning the project that Disney is coming out with Rapunzel Unbraided next year).

Here is a sneak peek!  For secrecy, I’m not going to explain the drawing.  It’s only concept anyway.


This is a ballpoint pen sketch that's then messed around with in Photoshop.

This is a ballpoint pen sketch that's then messed around with in Photoshop.