something old…



Nope not new, and it’s not blue or borrowed, either. I haven’t posted in a while, not because I don’t want to, but because I am working on some Tudor sketches (which I shall discuss later when they are ready, and not here where I’m feeling compelled to gush about them in an unrelated entry), which should be posted soon. I spent a lot of the weekend coloring.

So I’ve decided in between posting new work that CLEARLY I should be posting old work that’s just sitting around hoping I’ll look at it again. BECAUSE OMIGOSH I HAVE SO MUCH OF IT.

THIS drawing I did in 2010. I never liked how the bottom of her hair came out…it’s too swirly dumb and graphic against the more hilariously epic realistic drapery that I do like. But I forgive it.

Anne concept

I’ve long had an Anne Boleyn graphic novel stuck in my head for a while.  I keep debating if I want to attempt to be serious (in which case, who will buy it according to publishers), or sell out and make it really sexy…which would also be way fun to draw.

Anyway, Anne concept…ballpoint pen in my sketchpad.


supper and cards

I’ve been screwing around with this image for a long enough time that having not posted any progress is shockingly bad behavior.  Consider this my pet project after the Blackwater scene, which may henceforth be periodically referred to as “the scene”, following several other pet projects which never really became pets.  They were more like strays.

Tudors.  I like them.  Can you guess who each person is?

I’m playing around with what exact year I’m deciding this scene took place.  It is possible the French king may disappear, which would take me back to my original intentions.  But I’m just not sure if this is 1522 that we can justify William Carey’s presence.  Maybe we can?  If this is 1520 he’s feeling kind of paranoid.  Here’s the same with some texture and fun curtains added.

Please pardon Percy’s thunder thighs and epic calves.  They will be fixed at a later date.

Throwing down some initial color strictly for fun, which is naughty of me since the sketch is incomplete.  It looks kind of neon to me now.

HINT: Characters are (in no specific order, ha) William Carey, Margaret Wyatt, Percy, Miss Anne Boleyn herself, a minstrel who is by no means Mark Smeaton, the ever delightful Jane Parker, Thomas Wyatt, Mary, George and then some various royal personages.  A possible Wolsey and Françoise de Foix are being obscured by all this texturing, but you can see them in the top sketch.