She might be a vampire…she might be choppin’ off people’s heads. It’s either that or her own.

This was a pencil sketch I did 100 years ago that I colored a few months back, wasn’t satisfied and shelved for a while. I started working on it again for some warm ups, and suddenly it started working. Yay.

Apologies for the posting hiatus…I’ve been finishing up a class, but should have some stuff relating to that up soon enough.

snow white and rose red

“Snow White and Rose Red, will you strike your lover dead?”

I swear when I was a kid I read a version where Rose Red did more in the end besides just marry the bear-Prince’s brother. I thought my sister and I read a version where she saved a prince from death, herself…but I probably made that up, huh? :)

All Photoshop.

Credit to this image for assistance in the lying down pose: (thanks!!!)

Romanesque orgy socialite

I can just see this as a Roman fashion advertisement…”This summer the Egyptian looks is all the RAGE among the hippest orgy circuits…”

More coloring practice…heh, the title is ridiculous, sorry.

I drew this with a black ballpoint pen. It’s colored in Photoshop with some added textures…

something old…



Nope not new, and it’s not blue or borrowed, either. I haven’t posted in a while, not because I don’t want to, but because I am working on some Tudor sketches (which I shall discuss later when they are ready, and not here where I’m feeling compelled to gush about them in an unrelated entry), which should be posted soon. I spent a lot of the weekend coloring.

So I’ve decided in between posting new work that CLEARLY I should be posting old work that’s just sitting around hoping I’ll look at it again. BECAUSE OMIGOSH I HAVE SO MUCH OF IT.

THIS drawing I did in 2010. I never liked how the bottom of her hair came out…it’s too swirly dumb and graphic against the more hilariously epic realistic drapery that I do like. But I forgive it.